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Energy has to be managed smartly to be saved. We offer customized and innovative solutions for Energy Management. Utilities and corporates can benefit greatly from using our Energy Management tools to protect the environment for the future.

  Energy Audit
  • Energy audit is an elaborate analysis of energy, where consumption is studied and usage and wastage are clearly defined and discriminated.
  • Energy can't be stored so it has to be saved and it means consuming smartly without compromising.
  • Energy audit aims at primarily curtailing energy wastages. It also helps in protecting the environment as reduction in usage of energy reduces pollution. It also contributes towards green movement to offset Carbon emission.
  • Energy audit also includes monitoring the different aspects of Energy Management like consumption, power quality, power factor and billing parameters.
  • Loads, demand and power factor are remotely controlled.
  • Helping to discover energy waste and cutting energy consumption, energy bills are saved and Carbon emission is reduced.
  • Programmable Load Management System (PLMS) is an application that adjusts or controls the load and is applicable for DT loads/substation HT loads.
  • The power supply of IP sets is scheduled and hence connection/disconnection of the loads is handled to use power more effectively.
  • Meters are monitored for energy audit and power quality is also checked online. PLMS also helps to optimize the usage of utility assets.
  PLMS Extended

In addition to the advantages of PLMS, this solution helps in monitoring & managing Power Factor to a satisfactory level.

  Composite Metering
  • Composite metering is an innovative metering solution from Omne Agate for both single and three phase requirements.
  • Upto 10 connections are consolidated in a meter and will be installed on the pole with the transformer. Only a display unit would be fixed at the consumer's premises. The system is environment friendly and is extremely reliable, safe and tamper proof.
  Online Metering - GPRS Metering

Online metering is a futuristic solution which will provide flexible options for the consumers.

  • Delivers secure and accurate remote meter reading data to the consumers directly through the Internet.
  • Consumers can log in and view data specific to their usage using a standard browser.
  • Multi-layer security is built in for integrity of the system.
  • Consumption data is collected from meters automatically and stored on our secure server with redundant capacity.
  • It comes with multiple connectivity options like, RS232/485, PSTN, GSM/GPRS and Ethernet.
  • Flexible communications modules offer freedom of choice for deployment based on realities.
  • The data can be queried to produce valuable reports in a graphical format to identify consumption trends. With the use of GPRS technology, the data can be viewed instantaneously and on a continued basis.
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  Who we are?
Omne Agate Systems pioneered Advanced Metering Infrastructure in India and has the largest number of installations in the country.
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Omne Agate manufactures various products to improve the usage of power in the various consumer segments.
  In the news
Omne Agate has been empanelled as Meter Data Acquisition Solution Provider (MDASP) by Power Finance Corporation, a nodal agency nominated by Government of India.

Omne Agate has been empaneled as an ESCO.

Omne Agate's Energy Meters are now DLMS certified.
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