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Energy usage and wastage have to be clearly distinguished. We manufacture products with special features that will help to monitor and control energy usage and wastage.

  • Empaneled with Power Grid corporation for Smart Grid & DCU implementation
  • Empaneled with EESL for Smart Street light energy saver
  Digital Energy Meters
  Digital Energy meters are the meters that can take care of the increasing power generation & distribution requirements globally. They can be automated to schedule timing of power supply and manage the load. They are of single phase, three phase and LTCT.
Single Phase
LCD Display Programmable parameters RS232/RS485 & Optical port AMR compatible
Three Phase
LCD Display & programmable parameters TOD, Energy consumption upto 12 zones RS232/RS485 & Optical port AMR compatible

Modems are devices that enable the transmission of data and the types of modems manufactured are GSM/GPRS, PLC and RF

  Software Applications
  • Software applications have been developed to help organizations save energy without making any compromises.
  • Using energy without wastage ensures that organizations contribute to save the planet.
  • There are several types of applications that have been developed to address customer needs at various levels and all of them aim towards more Intelligent Energy Management
  Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Management Systems are designed to effectively monitor energy usage in sites.
  • Energy usage in individual sites can be monitored for identifying operational efficiency. The usage is also compared against previous reports that have been maintained so that variances can be highlighted.
  • Energy Management Strategies are implemented to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of energy saving measures and also to meet environmental objectives.
  • Energy consumption can be viewed for time intervals such as 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 minute intervals. Reports can be generated for any desired time period. It can be done for daily, weekly or monthly usage of energy.
  • Critical time periods can be monitored to understand problems with consumption, demand and supply. Carbon footprint for reduction and off setting purposes is determined. Energy usage and demand can be correlated and compared across multiple sites within the organization.
  • Causes of energy usage increase and unusual variations can be identified.
  • Energy bills can be accurately estimated for budgeting purposes.
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Omne Agate Systems pioneered Advanced Metering Infrastructure in India and has the largest number of installations in the country...
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Omne Agate has been empanelled as Meter Data Acquisition Solution Provider (MDASP) by Power Finance Corporation, a nodal agency nominated by Government of India.

Omne Agate has been empaneled as an ESCO.

Omne Agate's Energy Meters are now DLMS certified.
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