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Omne Agate plays a vital role in Energy Management of organizations and directs them to work towards saving energy and hence saving the environment.

  • Omne Agate was incorporated in the year 2000.
  • Omne Agate is a pioneer in GSM based Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and has the largest number of installations in the country.
  • Energy Audit & Accounting is the core expertise and is methodically executed for organizations to save energy.
  • Omne Agate is a ISO 9001 : 2000, ISO 14001 : 2004 certified company.
  • Omne Agate has the 'S' Mark certification and is also a BIS certified product Company.
  • Omne Agate is an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (Information Security Management) certified company
  • Omne Agate is an ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management System) certified company


  • Enormous amount of work has been carried out in setting up the infrastructure for Advanced Metering that has helped utilities improve power quality and work towards Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Carbon Reduction.
  • Omne Agate manufactures and supplies products consisting of digital energy meters, modems and specialized software applications.
  • Omne Agate is equipped with professional technological skills and management techniques. These enriched with experience, helps the company to be a leader in the industry.
We strive to be a market leader in Digital Infrastructure space towards Clean Development Mechanism using ICT.
Develop path breaking products & solutions for monitoring and saving energy consumption.
Omne Agate is managed by a highly professional team with vast industry specific experience. They are equipped with managerial and technical skills to manage and handle the challenges of the new millennium. The expertise gained over the years helps the company to be a pioneer in the industry.

A company needs to have the necessary infrastructure to function efficiently.

  • Omne Agate has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Chennai.
  • They are equipped with world class machinery that is in line with the latest developments in the field.
  • Products are manufactured and solutions are built for countering the severe energy crisis that the entire planet is facing.

Quality objectives of the company are distinctly categorized into product quality and process quality to set and maintain high quality standards.


To achieve a preeminent position in the Metering and energy monitoring & conservation fields, through a concerted attempt to provide maximum customer satisfaction.


Quality objectives of Omne Agate are distinctly categorized into

  • Product Quality
    Products are manufactured aiming to be zero defect so that they can win a large market share. They also provide special features as value added services to the clients apart from meeting basic customer requirements.
  • Process Quality
    The quality processes are clearly charted out, defined and executed in sequence. Training is also provided to the quality control team to ensure that quality processes are carried out and the standards set are maintained.

Processes have been defined to ensure that the products are manufactured with 100% compliance to specific functionality.

  • Gigs and fixtures are specially developed to aid testing.
  • Vendors are assessed through defined criteria like quality certification, technical manpower, machinery and instruments availability, daily production and delivery capability, quality and inspection plan, customer base, vendor expertise and financial standing.
  • Monitoring is also done periodically to sustain and raise quality standards.

The benefits that are derived from strict adherence to quality policy results in improvement in procurement of materials and significant improvement in 'first pass yield'. High process quality is maintained and hence products are 100 % compliant to standards and there is zero defect. Hence customers get high quality products and customer satisfaction is ensured.

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  Company Profile
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  What we do?
Omne Agate manufactures various products to improve the usage of power in the various consumer segments.
  What we provide?
Omne Agate offers several services and solutions that are customized to suit individual requirements.
  In the news
Omne Agate has been empanelled as Meter Data Acquisition Solution Provider (MDASP) by Power Finance Corporation, a nodal agency nominated by Government of India.

Omne Agate has been empaneled as an ESCO.

Omne Agate's Energy Meters are now DLMS certified.
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